Static VS Dynamic – 10 Differences in Static N Dynamic Websites

Static VS Dynamic website difference. Which one you should prefer.

10 Differences in Static N Dynamic Websites

Here, I’m going to discuss Website Designing, Tools to design a Website How we design, how to create a website free of cost, and Why need a website designer?

Let’s begin!

What is Website Designing?

Web designing is the process of creating the layout of pages shown by the browser on a website. It’s about arranging things that play the role of attraction for the eye of the viewer.

I’ll talk about modern web design with this we can change and animate things while scrolling a page up to down. Web designing not only used for web pages or websites it’s a base for web apps, user interface design, and for mobile apps also.

Now, the question is which elements make a website attractive. Simply, It may vary according to the type of business for which you are building that website.

On which elements we focus to create stunning websites?

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Layout
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Animation
  • Most importantly “Spacing”
learn web design code
Elements use to build Website

Let’s discuss how a website design depends on these elements:

1. Fonts: Font is the first thing which will saw by the viewer that’s why fonts selection or we can say fonts matching is the first task to make while creating a web design. Fonts of headings and inner content must complement each other so that users connect with them. Most Importantly fonts must be easy read by everyone so, before setting it select a proper size for it.

2. Colors: Selecting a color for web design is also depends on the type of business because colors convey the feeling we are providing to a customer or user. Colors of website tell about the brand’s qualities like blue shows loyalty, green for safety, yellow shows optimism so on.

3. Layout: Arrangement of different sections with images called web design’s layout. The layout is everything that complements the color and fonts both. The website is all about its good appearance for users. The layout must be eye-catching and easy to differentiate between sections.

4. Images: Images in web designs work as communicating things for users when they see a relatable picture for service they were looking for they trust the website more. Images should be smaller in size and good in quality in both desktop and mobile views.

5. Icons: Icons are also part of the attraction. They make websites user friendly.

6. Animations: We already know about the term “animation”. Animation grabs the user’s attention. We must use simple animation, too much complex animation can slow down your web pages. Creative animation of the web page bound the users to spend more time on page.

7. Spacing: Spacing between words, sections, and images must be proper. Proper spacing makes web design elegant.

What do we need to learn before start web designing?

Those languages are used to create Static N Dynamic Websites:

learn web design code
Website Building Tools
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

We need to learn some languages before starting web designing. Those languages need a text editor like notepad++, Sublime to work.

How HTML, CSS, JS helps to built a website?

1. HTML: HTML is a short form for Hypertext Markup Language which is the standard markup language for designing files to show in web browsers. Its the standard language to create web pages. HTML tags are used to explain the text, images, and behavior of web pages to web browsers.

2. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets used to give better look to HTML tags. CSS describes to browsers how HTML elements are to be displayed like size-wise and color-wise. In Simple words, CSS is used to beautify the web pages.

3. JS: JS stands for Java-script. JS has a great definition but for now, understand that JS works on the animation part of the web pages to attract the viewers.

4. Bootstrap: Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework for developing responsive and mobile-friendly websites. Bootstrap uses simple codes in HTML to create beautiful and responsive web pages.

5. jQuery: jQuery is a JavaScript library. jQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript programming. jQuery reduces the work of javascript and used to write less do more.

I’m quite sure you will drop the idea of learning web design after knowing that you need to learn too many languages before creating your own website for free.

But if I ask you do you want to create a website without writing a single line of code and without the help of any Web designer.

I’m sure, Your neck must be in up and down motion.

Ok, Let me inform you that there are many website builders that help you to create elegant websites for free without code and just by arranging blocks.

Seems interesting, right? Here are some :

Free Website Builders to create a website for free

There are many builders available for website creation free but I will list the best free website builder here.

free Website builder
free Website builder

I will explain these builders in another post now continue to dynamic vs static.

Website layout Desktop vs Mobile

  • Browser width Website Designs: They are simple web pages created for specific widths. Elements in these websites remain the same no matter what’s the size of the device’s screen.
  • Responsive Website Designs: Responsive websites based on grids with the breakdown, they are customized to show elements according to the width of the device.

Type of Websites based on content

Now We are on that part of the page for what you are here

Websites are mainly differentiated into two types:

1. Static Websites: Static websites are informational websites that are created by code, means with the help of HTML and CSS. These websites have a specific layout and limited pages. Users can’t directly change the content of pages if they don’t know a thing about coding. They need to learn HMTL and CSS first to make such changes.

2. Dynamic Websites: Dynamic Websites more functional where static ones are informational websites that are created by code means with the help of HTML and CSS only. Dynamic Websites are created by both client-side and server-side scripting languages. Both static n dynamic websites give the same results to the browser which is in the form of an HTML file.

Let me show you clearly difference in Static n Dynamic Website on basis of pros and cons.

Static Vs Dynamic Website Table

Difference in Static N Dynamic Websites
Difference in Static N Dynamic Websites

Static VS Dynamic – 10 Differences in Static N Dynamic Websites

Static WebsiteDynamic Website
Its clear from name static means fixed. Static websites have fixed number of pages.Pages on the dynamic websites are not fixed. We can add infinite pages dynamically.
They are just informational sites with fixed content.Dynamic websites are more functional with a lot of information.
Use only client-side HTML and CSS code.Rely on both client-side and server-side scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP, or ASP.
It doesn’t need to use complex software programs to build a static page.Special skills and software required to build them.
Not so good for Blogging and E-commerce sites.Easy to handle Blog and E-commerce with the help of WordPress like tools.
Have more flexibility because every page can be different if desired.Content is more static than static websites. Most of the content is fixed for all the pages created by server-side scripting.
It will cost less if you hire a designer.Cost almost double if compared to static ones. Additional functionality may also cost more.
Need less hosting space because of limited content.Hosting space and bandwidth can affect the performance of web-pages.
You are fully dependent on a designer for minor changes if you don’t know about HTML and CSS.
Once the admin panel built, you will be no more dependent on the developer to change dynamic content. You can change it on your own.
You need to design separate pages for every item you want to show to clients.
You can easily pull in information in an organized and structured way.
Static VS Dynamic – 10 Differences in Static N Dynamic Websites

Which one should you choose between static N dynamic?

Its completely on your need and the resources you have, if you require an informational website with limited content and in pocket-friendly price then you should go for a static website. I think it will be sufficient for you.

Otherwise, choose dynamic if you want to sell products, want to write blogs, or need to change basic content daily. You will spend little extra money but it will be a great choice for you.

Want to know the pricing of static n dynamic website designing in India. Check our Website pricing plans for Static websites and Dynamic Websites.

Well, I think I covered all the differences between static n dynamic websites. if not then do let me know.

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